Andrew Hahn – The Boston Athenæum


The Boston Athenaeum
Is Protected By ESG

Project: The Boston Athenaeum, 10 ½ Beacon St, Boston, MA 02108
Installation: Video Surveillance System Upgrade with Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Here’s what Andrew had to say:

  • “ESG had a great game plan for upgrading our video surveillance system.”
  • “The video cameras systems is working wonderfully!”
  • “Our system now covers all the angles we need and gives us remote monitoring of our facility.”
  • “It’s incredible to now be able to watch our cameras from wherever we are, and whenever we want.”

“ESG had a great game plan!”
– Andrew Hahn, Director of Systems, The Boston Athenæum

Defining The Video Surveillance Project:
The Boston Athenæum has partnered with Electronic Security Group to upgrade their video surveillance system and to provide remote viewing and monitoring of their cameras.

Before the project, we met with Andrew Hahn, Director of Systems at the Boston Athenæum, to conduct a site evaluation and listened carefully to his needs before providing Andrew with our video surveillance security recommendations for his facility.

After the upgrading of the video surveillance system, we connected with Andrew again to find out if he was happy with the upgrades, and what his thoughts were.

A Little Bit About Boston Athenaeum:
Founded in 1807, the Boston Athenæum is one of the oldest and most distinguished independent libraries and cultural institutions in the United States.

The mission of the Boston Athenæum is to serve its members, the broader community, and scholars throughout the world by preserving and augmenting its collections of books and art, by providing library services and cultural programs, and by preserving and enhancing the unique atmosphere of its landmark building..

To learn more about the Boston Athenæum, please visit their website at:

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