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If you’re ever in West Boylston, by all means, drop by the office, meet the crew, and have a cup o’ Joe. We almost always have fresh-baked Cape Cod muffins from Darby’s, the world-class pastry shop next door! Sometimes, we even have the Yada Yada cookies or Darby’s phenomenal apple turnovers – that’s if they’re not sold out!

A Little Office Building History… 62 Central Street, West Boylston, MA
The building was built by Mabel Fletcher in 1902 as a two-family with a large barn. In the early 1900’s, the old house was used as a funeral home and then it went on to survive a terrible fire that wiped out the two buildings next door and burned off the roof and part of the second floor of the office building, which were later rebuilt.

ESG's Office in 1908

Directions: We’re located in the historic business center of West Boylston, just past Beaman Public Library on Central Street, about a quarter mile down on the right, in a big ol’ blue farm house, number 62. We’re about three miles north of Downtown Worcester and just 2 miles away from the I-190 and I-290 Interchange.

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We’re here to help you with any residential, commercial or industrial security needs and safety issues that you may have. We are dedicated to protecting and securing your assets and Guarantee to Stop Vandals, Stop Thieves, Stop Intruders, Stop Employee Theft….Dead In Its Tracks!

Please check out our 32 Point Residential Security Audit, or The 73 Point Commercial Security Audit and our Free Security Reports

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Again, if you’re ever in our lovely neck of the woods, stop by, tour the office, meet the crew, and get a Darby’s famous Cape Cod muffin and a cup of Tully’s French Roast Extra Bold, on me!

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