Doris Harrison – YMCA Central Mass.


Three Central Mass YMCAs Are Protected By ESG

Project: YMCAs (The Boroughs, The Montachusett & The Central MA Branches)
Installation: Video Surveillance System with Remote Monitoring Capabilities

Here’s what Doris had to say:

  • “The video cameras systems in all three locations work great!”
  • “The cameras cover all the views we want to see perfectly. We are now able to watch the children in the pools, and in the children’s areas, plus we can observe the comings and goings of the locker rooms.”
  • “We are thrilled with being able to monitor all 3 locations with a Smartphone. And to have all 3 systems working on the same platform.”
  • “It was a pleasure working with your technicians. Jeff was awesome and so neat! Your technicians are the jewels of your company.”

“Your technicians are the jewels of your company.”
– Doris Harrison, YMCA Central Mass

Defining The Video Surveillance Project:
The YMCA has partnered with Electronic Security Group to protect three (3) of their facilities – The Boroughs YMCA in Westborough, MA, the Central YMCA in Worcester, MA., and the Montachusett YMCA in Fitchburg, MA.

The three Central Mass YMCAs were undergoing renovations and improvements, plus upgrades and additions to the video surveillance systems in all three locations.

Before the projects, we met with Doris Harrison, the Director of Information Technology, Diversity and Inclusion at the YMCA Central MA branch, to conduct a site evaluation and listened carefully to her needs before providing Doris with our video surveillance security recommendations for all three facilities.

After the installation of the video surveillance systems, we connected with Doris again to find out if she was happy with the upgrades and additions to the video surveillance systems, and what her thoughts were.

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