Biometric Access Control System


When You Need Fort Knox-Style Protection
To Secure Access To Your Facility

What is Biometrics?
“Biometrics” actually means “life measurement,” but the term is usually associated with the use of unique physiological characteristics to identify an individual. The application which most people associate with biometrics is security – Biometric Access Control Systems – where access to areas are limited to certain individuals and positive identification of the individuals is essential for admittance.

A number of biometric traits have been developed, for the security field, and are used to authenticate a person’s identity prior to admittance into a secure area. The idea is to use the special characteristics of a person to positively identify him or her. Some of the more popular characteristics, used in Biometric Access Control Systems, include features, such as, face, iris, fingerprint, and signature.

Where traditional access control systems primarily use numbers entered on a keypad or encoded information on an access control card to gain access, these methods suffer from severe limitations…passwords, pin numbers and access cards can be stolen or illicitly acquired. The consequences of a violation of access, to secured areas in a building, could be catastrophic to a business.

Such violation of access would not happen with a Biometric Access Control System because…

Uniqueness: The various biometrics systems have been developed around unique characteristics of individuals. The probability of two people sharing the same biometric data is next to nil.

Biometric Characteristics Cannot Be Shared: Because a biometric property is an intrinsic property of an individual, it’s extremely difficult to duplicate or share (you certainly can’t give a copy of your face or hand away!)

Biometric Features Cannot Be Copied: Biometric characteristics are nearly impossible to forge or spoof, especially with new technologies ensuring that the biometric being identified is from a live person.

Biometric Properties Cannot Be Lost: A biometric property of an individual cannot be lost, unless a serious accident occurred to said individual.

That being said, if you’re looking for Fort Knox-style protection for your property, facility or secured areas within your building, then a Biometric Access Control System will do the job!

Biometrics Video
Check out this video on FST21’s IMID Access product. It will show you some of the features and functionality of a Biometric system – welcome to the George Jetson age!


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