Gate Entry Systems

“Guardians At The Gate!” The Mantra of An ESG Gate Entry System

There has long been a need for gated security. Many ancient cultures around the world placed guardians at the gates of their cities, palaces and community gathering areas for protection, like the ancient Lamassu (see picture) placed at the palace of Darius the Great at Persepolis (circa 515 BC).

Are you thinking of secure your property with a gated access control system or upgrading an existing gate entry system to guard, restrict & monitor access to your property? These gated systems can be integrated with intercoms, telephone access, vehicle identification, keypad security, proximity readers and more, a modern-day guardian at the gate! We provide customized and personalized access control systems for gated developments of all sizes, from single family residences to gated communities to large residential, commercial and industrial facilities. If you’re interested in learning more about a gate entry system and discovering what you’ll need, then please fill out the form below.

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