Wireless Networks

Reliable, High-Performing, Mission-Critical Security Networks

Wireless Networks
In today’s security market, the demand is for more cost-effective, scalable and easy-to-use integrated security systems. Because of this, Wireless Networks – that offer ease of initial deployment, flexibility and scalability, plus the cost-effectiveness of utilizing wireless technology – makes it the ideal candidate.

Beyond cost savings, scalability and ease of use, wireless has proven time and time again in real-world deployments to provide the necessary performance and reliability to ensure the ongoing operation of even the most mission-critical security system networks around the world.

But what is Wireless Networks? In a simplified nutshell, Wireless Networks allow you to utilize wireless technologies to connect to various locations on your property without the costly process of installing cables to do so, or in areas where it’s impractical or impossible to install wiring.

The simplest network architecture to connect two locations is Wireless Point-to-Point topology. P2P provides a dedicated, high-performance link between two locations.

With P2P, you can have a short-range link connecting two locations that are just a few hundreds feet apart to a long range wireless link that connects two locations tens of miles away from each other.

By providing a single, dedicated link, P2P eliminates many of the problems such as interference and noise that affect the wireless mesh technologies. P2P offers dedicated access, increased reception and transmission levels, and it’s less vulnerable to interference.

The most common network architecture used to connect multiple locations to one single central location is the Point-to-Multipoint topology. P2MP provides a direct connection between multiple subscriber units (SUs) and a central base stations (BSUs).

With P2MP networks, you can have short range linking of multiple locations that are just a few hundred feet apart to long range wireless links that connect multiple locations tens of miles away.

P2MP networks provide a balance between the direct connectivity needed to ensure the quality and performance needed for mission critical security networks and the cost-effectiveness of a distributed network (as opposed to many dedicated links).

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